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bloc party 2019

Bloc Party is our bouldering and community event held in the fall. Bloc Party is comprised of three separate competitions; a USAC Collegiate Local, USAC Youth Bouldering Local, and a Community Cup. 

Bloc Party 2019 will be held on

November 9th and 10th, 2019.

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If you are a USAC Collegiate or Youth competitor, we are offering a

USAC Collegiate and Youth local for the first time ever! USAC Collegiate

and Youth Locals will be modified redpoint format and will cost $35 each. 

Tees and tanks are available for an additional $10 with pre-registration

before Oct. 31st.

All competitors must have a valid USAC competitor membership.

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USAC Collegiate Local - Saturday, Nov. 9th, 2019 

Doors open at 8am

Redpoint round: 9am - 12pm

Awards: 12:30pm

USAC Youth Local - Sunday, Nov. 10th, 2019

Doors open at 11am

Redpoint round: 1pm - 4pm

Youth Finals round: 5pm - 6pm

Awards: 6:30pm

*Collegiate competitors may participate in the Community Cup after their competition but Youth competitors may not. 



The Community Cup is our fall competition for Rocky Top members and non USAC competitors!

It is structured a little differently than a conventional climbing competition.


  • The Cup is separated into three main rounds: a Flash round, a Dynamic round, and a Campus round. 


  • The Cup is entirely team based. Form a squad of 3 of your friends and compete together to finish as the team with the most points by the end of the day! We'll award prizes for the team with the best name and outfit!

    • ​If you would like us to place you on a team, you can choose that option on the Community Cup registration page. ​

The Community Cup will be held on November 9th, 2019 from 12pm - 9pm.

$20 entry for all active Rocky Top members.

$30 entry for all non-members.

FREE Bloc Party tees and tanks will be available with pre-registration to active Rocky Top members before oct. 31st. Tees and tanks are an additional $10 for non-members.

The Flash Round *

In the Flash round, every competitor has only one try to complete a bloc, i.e. a FLASH!

There are 3 competitor categories, each with 10 blocs to try and flash! You are only allowed try the blocs within the competitor category you enter. This way, everyone has the same chance of scoring points as other competitors, regardless of competitor category.  

The points you accumulate in the Flash round will go directly towards your teams total points. 


competitor Categories:

Choose a competitor category that contains the grade you are able to consistently complete. 

New Kids on the Bloc: V0 - V2

Chips Off the Old Bloc: V3 - V5

BlocNess Monsters: V6 - V8

The Dynamic Round

The Dynamic round will feature blocs with only dynamic moves! If you love dynamic movement, this is the round for you! You will only be allowed to try the blocs within your competitor category. Dynamic moves can range from full on dyno, to more coordinated, competition style movement. Competitors will be able to try the dynamic blocs as many times as they like within the given time limit. The points you accumulate in the Dynamic round will go directly towards your teams total points. 


The Campus Round

In the Campus round, the use of feet is not allowed. You will only be allowed to try the blocs within your competitor category. Competitors will be able to try the campus blocs as many times as they like within the given time limit. The points you accumulate in the Campus round will go directly towards your teams total points. 



After all three rounds are complete, the party begins! Come hang out with friends, enjoy free pizza, games, and awards! We'll be having an Organic pad raffle, pull up competition, pinch competition, arm wrestling competition, pad stack competition, climbing movies, partner climbs and an open project climb to try! 


*Your entire team must participate in the Flash round. Your entire team is not required to participate in the Dynamic or Campus rounds. You can enter into the Dynamic and Campus rounds individually, but the more rounds you and your teammates participate in, the more points your team will accumulate. 


The Flash round, Dynamic round, and Campus round are all modified redpoint format. That means you are able to score full or partial points for each bloc you complete or make progress on. The further you get on a bloc, the more points you are awarded! Each bloc has a total point value of 25 points. 

The points you and your teammates accumulate in each round go directly into your team's total score. The team with the most points at the end of the day will be awarded prizes, fame, glory and the community cup!


Additionally, we will be awarding the top finishing team in the Flash round, the top 3 individual competitors in the dynamic round, and the top 3 individual competitors in the campus round. 


November 9th


7:00am: Doors Open

8:45: Competitor Meeting

9am -12pm: USAC Collegiate Local Redpoint 

12:30 -1pm: Awards


12pm: Community Cup Doors Open

1:45pm: Competitor Meeting

2pm - 4pm: Flash Round

4pm - 5pm: Dynamic Round

5pm - 6pm: Campus Round


November 10th


11am: Doors Open

12:45pm: Competitor Meeting

1pm - 4pm: USAC Youth Local Qualifiers 

5pm - 6pm: Youth Finals 

6:30pm - 7pm: Awards

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