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Bouldering is a type of climbing that does not require the use of ropes or harnesses. Instead, climbers fall directly onto thick mats or crash pads when falling. At Rocky Top, our walls are 13 feet high with state of the art crash pads beneath them, which means you'll never take a fall from too high up and will always land on a soft surface. 

If you're new to bouldering, we recommend just coming in and trying it out for a day, no classes required. All you need are some climbing shoes and chalk, both of which we offer for rental. We'll give you a quick tour and a quick bouldering safety orientation when you first come in so you'll know what to do. Getting started usually takes 5 - 10 minutes.

climbing with Children


  • Ages 6 and under

    • Direct 1 on 1 supervision from non-participating adult is required at all times​, regardless of whether the child is climbing.

    • Babies are not permitted in any climbing area at any time.

  • Ages 7 - 15

    • 1 adult required in the same climbing area for every 3 children​.

    • Supervising adult may climb alongside children

    • Rocky Top staff reserve the right to require stricter supervision at any time for any reason

  • Ages 16+

    • Adult supervision is optional.

    • Rocky Top staff reserve the right to require adult supervision for any minor at any time for any reason.

We have plenty of climbing terrain for kids of all ability levels. For the safety and sanity of all our climbers, we require that children coming to climb at Rocky Top come with an appropriate level of adult supervision.

Best times to climb

  • Quietest Times:

    • Weekday mornings, except Wednesdays

  • Busiest Times:

    • Weekday evenings

  • Most Newcomers

    • Saturdays/Sundays

Rocky Top is typically the least busy on weekday mornings, until about 3pm. However, we'd advise against coming in for your first visit on Wednesday mornings, as our setting team will be resetting a section of the walls until around 4pm. The tools the setting team uses can be quite loud. Saturdays and Sundays are fairly random in terms of how busy they are, but are generally fine for a first visit.

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