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is your child ready for the next level?

Is your child ready for the next level?

The Rocky Top competition team is aimed at preparing climbers to compete within the USA Climbing youth competition circuit, as well as push the limits of their climbing. Practices will be centered around building advanced movement and technique, preparing mentally for competitive climbing, and trying hard! The competition team is a great opportunity for climbers to learn how to push themselves in a safe and supportive environment. All competitive team members will be expected to practice 2-3 times a week, as well as participate in local and championship level competitions.

Participation on the competition team will be decided by tryout on Thursday, Aug 25, 4-6 pm"


$195 per month

Practice schedule: 


  • Season - 9/6/22 - 1/31/23

  • 5-7 pm, Tues/Thurs, weekly

  • 1-2 additional weekend practices each month. These will include traveling to other gyms, mock competitions, and skill specific practices.

  • 2-3 Local competitions (depending on scheduling)

  • Competition team climbers will be expected to commit to participation for the entire season and are required to attend at least 1 USA Climbing sanctioned competition

  • Regional (January) + Divisional (February) Championships


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