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is your child ready for the next level?

GET ready for the next level.

The training team is intended for climbers age 8 and up who want to build intermediate to advanced climbing skills, but are not necessarily interested in competing. During Training Team practice, climbers will focus on climbing technique, mental strategy, and learn how to train safely for climbing. Coaches will use a combination of climbing, cross-training, and games to help climbers build a solid climbing foundation! 

"Participation on the training team will be decided by tryout on Thursday, Aug 25, 4-6 pm"



$115 per month

Practice schedule: 


  • Season - 9/7/22 - 1/25/23

  • 4:30-6:30 pm, Wednesday, weekly

  • Training team members are encouraged to participate for the full season

  • If climbers are interested in competing, they are welcome to join the competition team at local competitions.