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frequently asked questions

can anyone come try climbing? 

Absolutely.The only requirement we have is that climbers be old enough to walk on their own unassisted.

how old do you have to be to climb? 

We have no minimum age requirement, but require that your child is able to walk on their own. Children 6 years old and under need to have 1:1 supervision from a non-participating adult. Children 11 years old and under need 1:3 supervision, though the supervisor may climb alongside them.

do you have lead climbing? 

We do not offer any lead or sport climbing. 

do you have topropes? 


do i need to bring my own gear? 

Nope! Rocky Top offers any rentals you might need to start climbing. If you have your own gear, you are absolutely allowed to use it. 

do you have a locker room? 

We do have a locker room with available lockers for customers to use. Lockers are free but require your own lock. Locker room also contains 2 full restrooms with showers. 

how high do your grades go? 

Rocky Top sets everything from V0 - V11 regularly on all types of terrain. Every once in a while we'll set something V12+ for our VHard climbers to train on. 

how frequently are the walls reset? 

Our walls are reset every week to keep our facility fresh and exciting for our members. The entire gym ends up being reset on a 5 week cycle. Nobody likes climbing greasy holds.

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