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is your child ready for the next level?

Climbing Club is a program designed for youth ages 8 -17 and will teach climbers of any level in bouldering, roped climbing, and belay techniques. Club members will have the opportunity to advance their climbing technique, build strength on and off the wall, and develop energy conservation skills and climbing endurance.


Climbing Club members will have the exclusive opportunity to sign up for USAC local and regional climbing competitions with Rocky Top coach accompaniment, trips to other climbing facilities, the option to join on trips to climbing crags led by Seneca Rocks Climbing School, hiking trips and movie nights at Rocky Top. (Some not included in price)

Free gear rental is included during club times, as well as monthly membership. Participants are encouraged to climb outside of practice with the included membership. Please see "MEMBERSHIP" for member benefits information. 

Each session meets twice a week, Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays. 

Fall Season 

Dates to be announced!


$500 total per participant

(includes membership and rentals)

Available in 5 installments of $100



Email info@rockytopclimbing.com

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